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  • km

    Range (WLTC)

  • s

    0-100km/h acceleration

  • AWD

    Electric four-wheel drive

  • minutes

    30%-80% fast charge

Powerful and Flexible SUV for All Kinds of Adventures

BYD TANG, with capacity for seven passengers, four-wheel drive, and the highest equipment standards. The rear seats can be folded and provide a larger storage space so you can take all your belongings on your adventure.

Harmony Between Style and Efficiency

Dragons symbolize powerful and auspicious powers. Wolfgang Egger, BYD Global Design Director, has led a world-class design team to instill these characteristics into the BYD TANG design, bringing together superb craftsmanship, dynamism, and elegance.

A Spectacular Drive

The interior of BYD TANG is designed by world class design master Michele Paganetti. The luxury space, high quality materials and immersive experience make every trip pleasant and comfortable.
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  • Your dream cabin

    To create an enjoyable driving experience, BYD TANG is equipped with a 15.6 inch rotatable multimedia screen, 31 color ambient lights throughout the interior, and the best Hi-Fi speakers.
  • A superior sound experience

    Audio Dynaudio brings a whole new smart music experience.
  • Luxury and comfort in seven seats

    The ergonomically designed comfortable Napa leather seats enhance the sensory experience. With an electric panoramic sunroof, the luxury interior can be immersed in the sunlight.
  • Capable for all kinds of adventure

    Adjustable seats offer flexible space and make every trip more comfortable.
  • Extremely generous storage space

    BYD TANG allows you to pack all of your luggage and belongings and take you to your dream destination.

Safety is Our Priority

When driving BYD TANG, drivers and passengers can be fully immersed in every driving experience and with complete peace of mind. BYD TANG is equipped with BYD Blade Battery and the latest generation of driver and passenger assistance. Our goal is to ensure that your trip is comfortable, relaxing and, above all, safe.
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  • Blade Battery

    With 108.8kWh battery capacity, long cycle life, and extensive electric driving range, Blade Battery redefines the safety of electric vehicles.
  • BYD intelligent driving system

    Incuding intelligent navigation system (ICC), lane keeping assist system (LKS), lane change assist (LCA), blind spot detection (BSD), automatic emergency braking (AEB), door opening warning (DOW) and etc.
  • The intelligent damping body control system (DiSus-C)

    The DiSus-C system has high detection accuracy, fast operation speed, and quick and accurate response, to achieve millisecond-level control.
  • Advanced automotive technology

    BYD TANG is equipped with 8 ultrasonic radars, 5 high-precision millimeter -wave radars, 4 intelligent driving surround view cameras and 1 high-perception intelligent driving camera.
  • High safety vehicle body

    Up to 77.4% high strength steel
    4 airbags + 2 integrated side air curtains + 1 far side airbag