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Magnetic Metal

Magnetic metal An important part of power motor
Rare earth permanent magnet material is an energy storage material that can generate a constant magnetic field in a certain space. It is mainly composed of rare earths, iron, and some trace metal elements. Rare earth permanent magnet steel provides a magnetic field in the motor, and it couples with the magnetic field generated by the current to generate power to make the rotor move. It is an important part of the power motor.
Product performance and advantages
It can withstand the thermal shock of the motor and the long-term high temperature environment, has a good temperature coefficient of magnetic characteristics, has the characteristics of high coercivity, good heat resistance and high remanence, and has excellent high temperature field durability, strong anti-demagnetization ability.
Application field
Rare earth permanent magnet materials are used in all BYD new energy vehicles. Specific applications include drive motors (front and rear drive), REPS motors, wheel motors, air conditioning motors, transmissions, water pumps, oil pumps, gear shifting, heat dissipation and other auxiliary motors. It is also used in the fields of electronics, electricity, energy, medical equipment, wind power, energy-saving home appliances, etc.