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High strength  7  series  aluminum  alloy  7S26

The yield strength is above 450MPa
7S26 aluminum alloy is a wrought aluminum alloy, which belongs to the category of high-strength 7000 series aluminum alloys. It has high mechanical properties and a yield strength of over 450MPa. It also has excellent anodizing appearance and excellent workability.
7S26 adopts a specific manufacturing and heat treatment process, the alloy structure is uniform, and a large number of nano-scale secondary phase are dispersed in the matrix, which increases the dislocation movement resistance, hinders the formation and expansion of cracks, and improves the strength of the alloy.
7S26 Aging hardness interval
A large number of nano-scale secondary phase particles
7S26 tensile yield strength 451MPa
The anodizing color is bright and colorful
7S26 alloy has uniform structure, no coarse-grained layer, small and dispersed strengthening phase, excellent anodizing performance, anodizing film thickness up to 10-18μm, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, bright and colorful anodizing effect.
A major breakthrough in 7 series aluminum alloy industry
BYD is the first enterprise in the industry to use high-strength 7-series aluminum to perform sandblasting, wiredrawing, high-gloss, and circular large-area plastic combination, which has high technical requirements and great challenges. It is a major breakthrough in the application of 7-series aluminum in the industry.