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High thermal  conductivity  aluminium  alloys

For the electronics field
The development of electronic products is changing with each passing day, and the power of products is getting higher and higher, and higher requirements are placed on the thermal conductivity of the products. In the 5G era, the signal transmission speed has increased, the data transmission volume has increased, and the heat generated is greater. The conventional die-cast aluminum alloy ADC12 is difficult to fulfil the requirements. In order to meet the higher performance requirements of telecom equipment, 3C electronic products, auto parts, etc., the HITCA series of high thermal conductivity die-cast aluminum alloys for different applications have been developed.
HITCA series is a self-developed high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum alloy with good formability, high strength, and thermal conductivity range of 130~200 w/(m.k), which can adapt to different product requirements. The HITCA series reduces the degree of alloying on the aluminium matrix to ensure the strength, and at the same time adds a small amount of special elements to modify the melt, improve the alloy structure, and simultaneously increase the strength and thermal conductivity. From the figure below, it can be seen that HITCA02 has less secondary phase than ADC12, so the heat conduction is higher.
HITCA02 has been mass-produced in Vivo, Huawei, and electric control housings for rails, and HITCA03 has been mass-produced in various Huawei projects. It can be used as a mature material in the fields of electronic appliances, automobiles, and other fields that have special requirements for thermal conductivity.