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Specially developed  and  designed  for  consumer  electronics

Specially developed and designed for consumer electronics
With the advent of the 5G era, the antenna signal strength and digital bandwidth requirements of smart phones are higher. The back shell materials of mobile phones are not metallized. The mobile phone structure of metal middle plate and double-sided glass has higher strength for the metal materials used in middle frame products. High-strength and high-toughness die-casting aluminum alloy solves the compactness defects of die-casting products and achieves the mechanical properties of extruded aluminum, which can pass the phone drop test. While ensuring fluidity, it has better aluminum-plastic bonding force and reduces costs. In addition, the high-strength and high-toughness die-cast aluminum alloy has low density, low cost, and high performance that can meet the requirements of some auto parts. Thus, it has a promising application prospects in the field of automotive lightweight.
The independently developed high-strength and high-toughness die-casting aluminum alloy series has a yield strength range 220~260 MPa and an elongation range 4~10%. It has good formability and can meet the performance requirements of mobile phones, automobiles and other parts.
The high-strength and high-toughness R3D material has been mass-produced on HUAWEI and other projects. HS01 material has been mass-produced on the Okii watch phone project. These alloys can be used as a well-developed mature material in the fields of electronic appliances, automobiles and other scenarios where strength and toughness are required.