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Amorphous alloy

Amorphous alloy properties
It has super hardness and is suitable for super strong electronic product shells. It is not easy to be corroded and can be better used in outdoor places and can cope with various bad weather. When amorphous alloy is melted, it has good fluidity and can be injected like plastic into molds with complex shapes. It have the feasibility of forming complex structures at one time, a more refined appearance, and more product applications and diversity.
Performance comparison between amorphous alloy and traditional metals
surface roughnes
Amorphous alloy
1600MPa (take Zr-based amorphous alloy as an example)
500 Vickers hardness (take ZFB alloy as an example)
traditional metal 3 times
0.05 μm
Traditional metal
830MPa (Take Ti-6AI-4V as an example)
325 Vickers hardness (Take stainless steel as an example)
less than one-third of amorphous alloy
0.8-1.6 μm
Performance comparison between amorphous alloy and traditional metals
ZFB grade (ZrAlCuNi high-strength zirconium-based amorphous alloy), is developed and has intellectual property protection
Amorphous alloy production capacity
Independently transform the vacuum system and control system of the die casting machine.
Independently realize mold design and processing, and realize the semi-automatic production of amorphous alloy in the forming process.