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Aluminum Matrix  Silicon  Carbide(Al-SiC)

Greatly improving the efficiency of new-energy electric vehicles
The Aluminum Matrix Silicon Carbide Reinforced Material is a new kind of metal-base ceramic composites.
With high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity: >180W/Mk :industry level: 160~170W/Mk),
Low thermal expansion coefficient (expansion coefficient (adjustable) : 8±1ppm/K (25℃-100℃) Industry level: 7.5~7.7 PPM /K
High bending strength (Bending strength: 320~360MPa industry level: 300~360MPa)
Low density (density: <3.1g/cm)
High power resistance (matching high power IGBT module: 1200V, 800A)
Power cycle (power cycle test: >24000 times)
Application field
Widely used in high - power electronic IGBT module package