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DBC(Direct Bonding Copper)

BYD independent research and development, military requirements
Copper clad ceramic substrate, DBC (Direct Bonding Copper)
It is a kind of composite line subgrade board that is directly sintered copper foil to ceramic surface by hot-melt bonding method at high temperature, which can withstand high voltage and large current.
 Material features: 1. High peeling strength, the copper layer peel strength: ≥10N/mm; 2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion (coefficient of thermal expansion: 6.7/7.2* (40℃-400℃); 3. High mechanical strength, bending strength: ≥450Mpa (ordinary alumina ceramics), ≥500Mpa (zirconium alumina ceramics); 4. Good thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity: ≥24W/ m.K (25℃); 5. Good insulation, breakdown voltage ≥20KV/mm, dielectric constant (1MHz) : 9.8/10.2, dielectric loss (1MHz) : 0.0002
Application: industrial field, new energy vehicle field, rail transit, environmental protection technology field
Application diagram, raw materials, sintering, etching, welding resistance, split-cutting, products